Velocaches In Play

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


How many feathers are on a Perdue chicken?
What does "touche et lele pu" mean?

And more importantly, do YOU:

-have a gaping hole in your music collection where "songs about trucks, little white pills, and poor little crippled boys" ought to be?
-lose sleep about what the next gel flavor that GU ought to bring to market is?
-identify as a one-armed unicyclist?

If the answer to any of these is YES then cache #5 is what you were borned for. GIT ta GITTIN!

Hey, it's an obelisk!

Warmer, like a summer's breeze or a pants peed



reverend dick said...


I have NO IDEA where that is! seems like I have a mission, suckers...

reverend dick said...

Oh, and "How many fibres are intertwined in a shredded wheat biscuit? How many times did the Batmobile catch a flat?" Now that we know the questions...let's go lookin' for the answers.

Inspector Javert said...

This was not where I thought it might be. I wasted a perfectly beautiful sunny day riding around aimlessly looking for this...

Think of all the better things I might have done with that time.


Lord Hayden said...

Huh, and here I left this picture out because I thought this cache was TOO easy.

I never noticed that tomb and I bike by there several times a week. Then again, I do take the route less taken due to multi-use-path-tourist-phobia.

Inspector Javert said...

1stly your little addendum (pudenda?) picture don't make it any clearer. Don't nobody ride over dere.

2ndly I already have a mental lock on the location and will be winning soon.