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Friday, May 29, 2009

The best part of waking up - 17 be claimed

This was my first 7am Velocache experience. It was done well.

My ride to school along the auto parkway (aah! the irony!) tends to be misty and dullish, usually a bit late and a bit groggy. With a swing in my step I mounted my bicycle early enough for a good scavenge.

Sticking to business, I dug under the decorative sculptures before even ordering coffee. A sipping fellow and his lovely dog were confused as to why a customer would dig in the metal toys despite a sign specifically prohibiting it.

When what, to my wondering eyes should appear, but a sticker-filled bottle, cowbell and cheap beer!

And upon closer examination yet, I realized that the coffee bag was not merely decorative but a $10 gift certificate. Thanks, Steve! A half pound of coffee and a ham and cheese croissant make for a phenomenal start to a day.

And this troll was most happy that I shared.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

#17 - a guick death....

Though they have yet to post, I stopped by the not so secret spot this am and #17 has already been snatched up ... that is all


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cranked up past and present - Velo Cache #17 - Friends and Family Edition

Motor parts dominated in the past (not these motors, but any excuse to get Motorhead and the Young Ones rolling)

but now there are plenty of ways to get your two wheeled engine all cranked up. Of course you'll have to navigate the 4 wheeled graveyard

Not to mention the terminator like guards

and all those stern warning signs

Unlike many of the previous velocache's, number 17 isn't in Deep Cover

actually, the limited access hours might be your biggest barriers (unless senior terminator gets some much needed oiling).

So why is this the friends/family edition? We'll I highly encourage you to open the cache on site and I guarantee there is something inside that you and one or two friends/family members can all enjoy.

Now put the pedal to the metal and get caching...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

#15 Covered and smothered.

I was unable to find the clip I wanted. The one in which Jeff Goldblum tells Larry Fishburne (oops, it's "Lawrence" now) "But I did, so get in the fucking van" in reply to "You shouldn't have done that". Watch the movie if it don't make sense. It is actually quite good.

Anyways, De La Soul are no slouches.

So My partner and I headed over to the West Side for this cache, knowing it was in the badlands of Asilomar. We weren't sure eggzacketley, and by the time we made it over there we fervently (you like that?) hoped it would be close to 17 Mile Drive, as we were dead tired, lacking a nap, and even small climbs were noticeable.

Great Success! We spotted the No Bikes sign (always a welcome sight) and went in to investigate. Check on the bear proof trash can?!? I know thar's pumas round these here parts, but bears?

Yep. Check on the prime Troll habitat.

Check on the (not so) hidden white plastic envelope. Someone had systematically cut out all the nasturtiums and heaped them in a pile under the bridge, but left the package there. It had a small hole in it, but seemed intact:

1 Large fleece jacket
2 cans Hamm's beer
1 jar Wheelsmith Spokeprep
1 classy gas station souvenir shop plaque playfully (yet seriously) encouraging boozer friends not to outstay their welcome

Is that it? Because that's what there was. Which is in no way meant to say it was not enough. Because, in spite of the fact that this whole Velocache scam is just a way for people to unload a bunch of useles crap and some (very) inexpensive canned beers, the plaque alone would have been worth the trip. Thank you very much.

So, the protocol now is that I sit on this for an indefinite time and then go out and find another one? Or what?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#16 zoom zoom

So, after scoring my first Velocache Monterey, I got sick and haven't been able to get out and place one myself until today. I figure, I'm 50/50 roadie/mtie, so my placement should be good for both.

Though foggy coastside, riding inland a bit got me a bit of sun. I wasn't the only one enjoying the sun on a bike.

Figured I'd stick with the "bridge" theme. You'll find this VC at the top of a pseudonym for a bottle/wine opener, just 1,000,000x bigger. Gas up and lay down the rubber to find this VC.

Smil'n Hawaiian

Sunday, May 17, 2009

#15 - The Bridges of Monterey County

Again with the bridges. Well, this is one large white package that sticks out like a sore thumb, and needed a lot of Deep Cover:
Oh nevermind, you can't actually go here. (I made up the recumbent propaganda, but c'mon, look at the graphic fer Pete's)

Check out Ol' Blackie Boy. He's not lost, no reward, not missing....he just IS.

Well that's a nice stick but turn around you big dummy

Mind the Nasturtiums, sucka!

Friday, May 15, 2009

#11....well kinda...I swear I.....shucks, I don' know

This, THIS is what happens when you let the sweet fruit of velocache die upon the vine:

We rolled up to cache #11 hoping to find whatever Sleaze Otter'z drunks had left behind, 4 weeks past. Unfortunately, the bunker doors on #3 and several others were wide open, and there were rollerbladers, dogwalkers, and other unmentionables lingering around the perimeter. Crestfallen with the amount of humanoid activity, we were not surprised to find #11 rode hard and put away wet. Bunch of dead beers and cookie wrappers.

There is just something about pigeon feathers that suggests absolute filth

Being a bunch of green lameweeds, we took our accumulated trash home under the "leave no trace in the abandoned military bunker" mantra. I was secretly hoping a can-mad troll would hit on Katie on the way home for her aluminum goodies, maybe she was too?

The pungent stench of death here turned out NOT to be from the Velocache, and instead was from an ex-sea lion on the beach. Really though, we're splitting hairs.

And a notice to all lurkers and prize-finders: if you have picked up a velocache and not planted a new one, well that's just not proper. Imagine buying a 10-year girl a pony. Imagine then stealing it away and selling it to the circus. I admit that would be funny, be c'mon, hide something somewhere that you know, take some pictures, and let us find it!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Velocache #13 busted - I fought the Law and I won!

I found the blog through my Facebook and swimming buddy Chris, and immediately recognized #13 because I have used that route as a hill run in preparation for Wildflower (so much for "very few of you have been up here"). It was at the interior gate to Jack's Peak Park.

So off I went on my bike for the short but intense climb. (Short from my house, anyway.) The first sign of trouble was that I arrived at the outer gate on Olmstead road at 5:40 pm, with the gate closed, and ignored the sign reading "No entry 60 min prior to closing." Which meant I was 10 minutes late. I dodged around the gate and started climbing.

I found the cache right where I expected. Contents: A Kona keypurse, a "One less car" t-shirt (slightly damp and smelly), a Burley Designs hat, a Hamm's, a Budweiser in a Trek USPS team jersey cozy, and a Rim Tours mountain bike adventures water bottle.

I got two runners to take the evidence picture.

Next I found out that the Hamm's fit into my seat water bottle holders easily.

I didn't fancy biking home with glass, so I decided to drink the Bud.

No sooner had I popped the top (Topeak Alien 2 has a bottle opener) than the park ranger showed up. He eyeballed me and parked his truck right at the gate, I presume to prevent people from entering the park at the last minute. But there he sat, and there I was behind a bush with an open container. Bad luck for me, sucka!

So I started a yoga and stretching regime. Every time I reached for my ankle, another swig went down. I could see the ranger check up on me in his rearview mirror occassionally. I made loud breathing noises. I took a few pictures of the bay for effect.

With the Bud gone, I stuffed the bottle under a bush (ranger was parked by the trash can - don't worry I will retrieve it over the weekend!), and hid the cozy in my jersey. I mosied back to the bike, and took off, hitting a victorious 37 mph on the way down the hill.


#15 Found! by the Smilin' Hawiian

So, after having lurked on your blogspot for a few months now, I decided to partake in this adventure and seek out one of the treasures. Figured #15 would be a good first go at it. Although having felt sick for the past few days (did I kiss a pig recently?) and having possibly fractured a rib or two over the weekend (a wee tumble on the fat tires), I took a shot of Nyquil after work and venture out into the late afternoon fog to covort with the trolls.

Not far off my normal post-work cycling route, I found the booty under the bridge. Not any trolls to deal with, but plenty of feisty geese and the gooslings (?). The loot was worth the trip, but the SleazeOtter halter top may be just a bit too revealing for my modest personality. Maybe the cutie that found an earlier stash would fill it out better.

Anyways, had to express my encomium to the Sea Horse by sharing the Hamms.
Thanks and praises out to you all for setting this up. Fun stuff, hope to contribute soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

#15 - Where Trolls dare to tread

#15 asks that age-old question: will it be found by an intoxicated naer-d0-well upon waking up under a bridge....or will it be found by someone who is NOT a Velocache participant?

This is prime troll country, in fact there was a group nearby during placement (artist's rendering after the fact)

Fact: Eating Hamm's will not give you Swine Flu

Seahorse says nice find, sucka!

12 has been swept from the market

Dear friends,

Again, VeloCache has brought me joy and diversion on an otherwise practiced commute. This time I stopped by Ye Olde Boat, which I believe was put on land to let passersby and sightseers know that there's an ocean nearby. It was raining, too, which made the scavenging all the more adventurous.

Now had it not been raining, I might have explored the vessel a bit more, but for the stormy skies I ventured but an arm over her edge to reach for the cache.

And treasures ahoy! I found myself Hamm's enough to drown a lass, and a left hand's flaskful in case of squall. And let's not forget a visibility vest, arm warmers, and a reflective choker for the wearing, and some stickers too. Arrrr!

To close, a joke by Kris: What do you call a stuttering pirate?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


That last one was a climber's delight? No, this one is a climber's dee-lite. Hope y'all ain't suffering from vertigo, bitches.

That verse is copyrighted 1900 and 1930, so don't get any ideas.

Hey, look East. Is there no help for the Widow's Son?

Hey, look South.

Hey, look up.