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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Velocache #13 busted - I fought the Law and I won!

I found the blog through my Facebook and swimming buddy Chris, and immediately recognized #13 because I have used that route as a hill run in preparation for Wildflower (so much for "very few of you have been up here"). It was at the interior gate to Jack's Peak Park.

So off I went on my bike for the short but intense climb. (Short from my house, anyway.) The first sign of trouble was that I arrived at the outer gate on Olmstead road at 5:40 pm, with the gate closed, and ignored the sign reading "No entry 60 min prior to closing." Which meant I was 10 minutes late. I dodged around the gate and started climbing.

I found the cache right where I expected. Contents: A Kona keypurse, a "One less car" t-shirt (slightly damp and smelly), a Burley Designs hat, a Hamm's, a Budweiser in a Trek USPS team jersey cozy, and a Rim Tours mountain bike adventures water bottle.

I got two runners to take the evidence picture.

Next I found out that the Hamm's fit into my seat water bottle holders easily.

I didn't fancy biking home with glass, so I decided to drink the Bud.

No sooner had I popped the top (Topeak Alien 2 has a bottle opener) than the park ranger showed up. He eyeballed me and parked his truck right at the gate, I presume to prevent people from entering the park at the last minute. But there he sat, and there I was behind a bush with an open container. Bad luck for me, sucka!

So I started a yoga and stretching regime. Every time I reached for my ankle, another swig went down. I could see the ranger check up on me in his rearview mirror occassionally. I made loud breathing noises. I took a few pictures of the bay for effect.

With the Bud gone, I stuffed the bottle under a bush (ranger was parked by the trash can - don't worry I will retrieve it over the weekend!), and hid the cozy in my jersey. I mosied back to the bike, and took off, hitting a victorious 37 mph on the way down the hill.



Inspector Javert said...

Well dang, Karl! Nice work if you can get it.

I salute your effort and sneakiness. (That ranger is a DICK, too. You did the Right Thing.)

reverend dick said...

Bud is twist off, Bro.

velocacheboise said...

well done. yoga and stretching routine huh? those words mean nothing to me, what are they?

reverend dick said...

Put the koozie back and no one gets hurt.