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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#32 - Soak it to the East, Soak it to the West

First of all, an unbiased welcome to December!

Took awhile to get to this one, between working during the minimal daylight hours, rain, and laboring over excuse-making.

Went a climbing after work today despite the impending showers. Took an alternative route, Pacific to Mar Vista to Skyline...hey that's not so bad. Still, probably averaged this pace during the climb (tilt your head to the left for a realistic grade):

Nice rain and 'pert near dark by the time I got to Scenic Drive and the prize.

This really needs to be the site for a rogue arm-rasslin' tournament

Lots of treats, 2 porkchops, some moonbeam shades, socks, some ginger chews for my favorite motion-sickness friend, El Diablito, socks, and some getback in a fancy Godiva tin.

But behold! Breakfast will never be as violence-free again in Lord Hayden's household.

On a side note, there is no good way to descend dark roads on a moonless night in a rainstorm, except to suspend belief in pine cones, wet needles, and the absentmindedness of drivers.