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Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 be found

A frustrating day with the first graders last week ended well with a sandswept bike path roll. Though I was approaching lateness to somewhere, I thought it would be best to get off my vehicle and root around in some ice plant for a treasure.

It was treasure I found! Then, I realized ruefully that I had left my camera in its sock, in my desk drawer. Thankfully my new friend--cigar-smoking, shirtless, middle-aged Bobby--agreed to let me use his camera phone. After, of course, he had frenetically deleted "just a couple" photos.

When I had taken the picture, I asked if he could send it to me. Instead of typing in a number, as is likely a routine course of action, he instead gave me his number so I could call him for it, once he had gotten a tutorial from his ex-wife. I was assured this would be no problem, as he lives with her.

I'm sure you'll agree this photo was well worth the wait.

And really, as I consider Bobby's number to be a part of the loot, I couldn't help but include it in the prize photo.

May future VeloCachers be as lucky!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

#13 equals bad luck for you, sucka

That's right. Because this one is a climber's delight and I doubt many of y'all have ever been in this neck of the woods. Now's your chance, right there at the base of that sign is the goods..

This is the view looking down the climb you just clumb.

This is looking up towards the park-oops!

Northwards from the cache.

Same same different. See Monterey Bay?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It was getting dark and we had to get home before the monsters come out.



Meet the new boss. It is such a great location!

This one is Ladies' Choice. You'll see why when you nab it.

Tucked in the same spot as #8, before it had a chance to cool off.

A little time in the sun on the bluff above.

Which pastoral scene quickly degenerated into idiocy...

1 after 9( oh 9)...

Which would make it #10, bitches.

There's some good stuff in there. GO!

#8 went doooooooooown

I dragged the offspring out for an afternoon's velocache in lieu of the planned s240 (for you, Lord Hayden, it is a Sub24hourOvernight) due to general 1/2 assedness all around. Whatever! It was some consolation prize!

Heading up and over the hill...

Quality parenting Northwards along the bikepath. Hey! It was that or in the pants.

You can see the OSHA approved tower off to the left. The kids started jockeying for position as soon as it came into view.

Mandatory shot matches. Door #3. There were pigeons.

Mandatory shot. Mixed in the Joselyn's bottle of flat orange soda. This helped my attitude immensely, as the eldest had been bitching up a storm and I was past ready to sell her.

Loot: tall boy of "Troll Poison", Trucker music CD, sweet Mavic cap, useful CHP bicycle safety manual, and pocket shot o'gin. Outstanding.

Southbound and down, loaded up and truckin...

Got This! #6

Pazzo and his trusty sidekick headed off into the cold and wind late Friday - not much time to put in the miles with a Trail-a-Bike, and get back home safe and sound before dark, but we did our best.

Once we found the right sundeck on the side of the trail, the little one jumped up on the bench to view a duck family on the pond, without noticing cache just beneath.

Cache was spotted while looking for correct photo perspective. [Edit: well done!]

Joselyn's jersey was quickly put into service, with further chill and darkness approaching.

VC#6 Superb Inventory:
Aforementioned jersey
Bottle Opener
2 cans awesome domestic brew
Literary Masterpiece - "Bicycles - Le Biciclette"
Poison Spider Patch
Seatpost stash bag
Avid T25 & T10 wrench
Hex Key
Park TL-1 Lever
Sticker Stash (inside book - Poison Spider, Hunter, DT Swiss, blackcat bicycles, etc.)

Excellent location choice! - we plan to return for picnic and exploration. Also special thanks to Mike of Ghost Tree Racing, who provided massive pull into the wind on way home.

Off to assemble new VC...

Best Regards,


Friday, April 10, 2009

#9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 ad infinitum

Little Jewford and Meself rambled out to place #9 in a most visible spot. Admittedly, these are stock photos- had a little trouble with the , uh, memory (remembering a camera, remembering to email crappy phone-in photos, etc)- but you know where this is.


C'mon. You knew this location was coming...

Edit! Here is an actual live photo of the cache in it's natural habitat as it looked today upon release:

Get Some!!!!!!!!


You've conquered hearts....but can you master Eight?

After having been Stymied by Trolls (they were a noisy 90's drunk rock band...look it up) during a previous caching I decided I would re-plant the remainder of that particular intended prize pack, along with a little something to keep the moonbeams from getting inside one's brain.

Using my undeniable geospatial abilities (repeatedly voted world's sexiest it), I created an inverse cost raster triangulated from the nearest California Refund Value tin can recyclery locations, from where trolls obtain their life force. Once I had my location, we pedaled on o'er, and wouldn't you know it there was a series of exceptional landmarks to be found.

OSHA approved

I'll take door #3, Bob. (Please oh please let there be pigeons)

Don't be afraid

Be sure to smash the hell out of your head on the way back out

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Old #7 found by the hard hitting Pazzos:

Whales? We don't see no stinking Whales!!!

Yep, it took some serious searching (not too much), but my daughter (one of the earliest bity Bellas) was more than happy to jump on the bike and go on a velocache quest!

She can't wait to leave more treasure for others...

This father-daughter team (Welcome New Comers!) crushed the rest of you in the frantic dash for this cache. Perhaps it was the extra trail-a-bike power?

It should be noted at this point, and as per our Idahoan Overlords' example, that kids only caches are 100% acceptable, although it does seem only fair that the kids throw their parents a bone and include at least a beer.

Anyhow, the loot:

Get some!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

old #7

Unh hunh.

This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no fooling around.

This is velocache!Monterey.
Proof for les Bois.

Looking towards where Kirk and Spock got it on with some whales. Which is BS, there are no whales in there except the odd tourist.

Looking towards the bikepath...

Look at that sign!

Look closer at that sign!

Sooooooo easy, but it was requested by our Idahoan Overlords, and I for one welcome their interest...

Get some!