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Friday, April 3, 2009

#1 put out of its misery

For the second Friday in a row, I decided to brave Aguajito Canyon to retrieve a cache, with an accomplice in tow. This time the target was the elusive (but for lack of trying) #1. Again, hill climbing is best done in Carhardt's, boots on top of clipless pedals, and with a 20 lb backpack full of hydrology books. I need one of those SUPER-long water bottles, some bar ends, and a plastic bag tied around my seat, then I'll truly be pro tier. Fuck it....gimme a gel seat cover too....I deserve it!

Somethings missing....hmm, how about a 2 inch drywall screw in the old tire for old times' sake? Feels good, man. Quick change and on our way.

And once AGAIN, I failed to photo-document the cache with a bike. In fact, this time I took it a step further and forgot to take any pictures whatsoever. But I remembered as I was pulling into my driveway, which counts for something...right?

Anyway, here's an artist's rendering of the site, and how shit went down, pretty much:

And the loot, splayed out like a sack of walleyes, with my little buddy John Henry for scale at the bottom:

Between this, cache #2, and Sleaze Otter I am set to dominate the forthcoming sticker-based economy, and bitter beer face is a thing of the past. But, I am most excited about the Maillard Helicomatic tool. Hi welcome to my garage and workspace.....oh, what's that you ask, what is that obscure tool? Oh, you wouldn't know that, it's for SERIOUS mechanics. I could explain but I'd hate to perma-furl your brow. Why don't you just use it to open your beverage, simpleton.


reverend dick said...

Well played, Sir Lord. Jumping over a flaming KICK ASS to retrieve the traysure is taking it up a notch.

Inspector Javert said...

Ha HA! I know the location, and am on the case suckas...