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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Got This! #6

Pazzo and his trusty sidekick headed off into the cold and wind late Friday - not much time to put in the miles with a Trail-a-Bike, and get back home safe and sound before dark, but we did our best.

Once we found the right sundeck on the side of the trail, the little one jumped up on the bench to view a duck family on the pond, without noticing cache just beneath.

Cache was spotted while looking for correct photo perspective. [Edit: well done!]

Joselyn's jersey was quickly put into service, with further chill and darkness approaching.

VC#6 Superb Inventory:
Aforementioned jersey
Bottle Opener
2 cans awesome domestic brew
Literary Masterpiece - "Bicycles - Le Biciclette"
Poison Spider Patch
Seatpost stash bag
Avid T25 & T10 wrench
Hex Key
Park TL-1 Lever
Sticker Stash (inside book - Poison Spider, Hunter, DT Swiss, blackcat bicycles, etc.)

Excellent location choice! - we plan to return for picnic and exploration. Also special thanks to Mike of Ghost Tree Racing, who provided massive pull into the wind on way home.

Off to assemble new VC...

Best Regards,


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reverend dick said...

Don't think I didn't notice you cut off the "Frog Pon-" lettering exactly lik the original.

That's classy.