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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Old #7 found by the hard hitting Pazzos:

Whales? We don't see no stinking Whales!!!

Yep, it took some serious searching (not too much), but my daughter (one of the earliest bity Bellas) was more than happy to jump on the bike and go on a velocache quest!

She can't wait to leave more treasure for others...

This father-daughter team (Welcome New Comers!) crushed the rest of you in the frantic dash for this cache. Perhaps it was the extra trail-a-bike power?

It should be noted at this point, and as per our Idahoan Overlords' example, that kids only caches are 100% acceptable, although it does seem only fair that the kids throw their parents a bone and include at least a beer.

Anyhow, the loot:

Get some!

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a. mortician said...

y'all are on it! way to go little beluga!