Velocaches In Play

#4 FOUND! Awaiting pictures...go to and register a complaint!




Wednesday, June 17, 2009

oh, and also

short people. Pffffft. Get over yourselfs. #14 is what it is. Get off your dwarfish ass and make it happen.

#18...barely legal

But, oh! so worth it.

Stepped out my house, stopped short- oh no! Why is my dang thing burning like that? Cruised through the woods on the way to the bike path, and all the grass is brown. It's getting hottt in here.

I had a general idea where this cache would be (uh, by the ocean) but not really. What a fantastic spot!

I had to do some math in my head here, which was hard. If you are here yourself, and you look on the other side of that plinth, there will be a cool-ish Tecate under some rubble. But it won't last, I'm sure.

The graffiti is unimaginative.

Except this one; that's cool.

I rode this far.

Here's some digging.

So effing cool, I cannot believe it! I don't know where Lord Hayden gets these treasures, but he must have fortified hisself with a whole heap of Golden Drak to think of giving them away...

Even though there was no supplied opener...I drank the Belgian hooch in the tankard right there, so's I could get into that headspace. What a fantastic spot!

I buried 2 Tecates in the spot so if someone and someone's sweetie want to go there, they can. There's even semi-burnt logs right there, but it'd have to be a still night to allow a fire. The wind rips through there. You can watch the pelicans, gulls, buzzards, etc ride the ridgeline.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

#18 Sandin' ev'ry 'rifice

So it seems that a certain someone mashed a velocache and then skipped town for Africa of all places, leaving me to repay the gods. Well two can play at that game, so I stashed one of my own on my way out of town for some wedding, rafting, and mtb in the motherland. Never have you been so excited to trudge through so much for so little gain.

Sorry bro, 9' 11" is the limit. Better pull a 540 tailwhip.

Librals are rueing are fun

OK so now you are all turned around again, but I can't blame you for being intrigued.

Especially by this sweet tag. I for one am intimidated by that walking donut. And by intimidated I mean "let's go out to the lobby, to get ourselves some snacks!"

All right Enuff Z'nuff. Let's get after that cache, shall we?

Walk up this. OR, if you're not a total sandbag ride it.

Don't try to tell me that all of the iceplant and sand looks the same, 'cause I AINT HEARING IT

Just head at that nob

And git' ta diggin!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm sure he's in a better place now.....R.I.P. #9

Our merry crew was out riding near the bench today, and sad to say that Velocache #9 has presumably been hung high.

When you hang a man, you better look at him

The list of suspects runs the usual gamut; Steinbeck's thirsty ghost, owls (they are thick over there I hear), or the lengthy list of young children who have collected previous caches without laying down any treats. I for one believe that the wily gangsters of Salinas have instituted hill climbs and cache infiltration to their initiation rites.

He died doing what he loved, waiting for someone to bike by and drink him. (makes half-assed sign of the cross motion)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

a friendly reminder

HEY! ALL YOU DOUCHEY POSERS with your bicycle "lifestyle" choices: stop fucking around.

Yes, that's right. You are here, and I am here and that makes it our time. You heard right, stop fucking around on "our time".

What's wrong with a little fucking around on our time, you ask?

Some of us are trying to have some actual, real, non-digital, in-the-world fun. Some gritty, old fashioned, sweaty hide the can/find the can par-tay action. And we use bicycles! Dude on dude, dude on chick, chick on chick, all of the above on bicycles and on the dope.

But here's the thing: posing to have your picture taken so's you can post up on Facebook or some other version of make believe see how adventuresome I am tiredness is not part of the action! Finding a cache and then not hiding one is for losers or triathaletes I guess. All's I know is I want my motherfucking USPS sleeved koozie back. One of us actual velocachers deserves that.

Put up or shut up. If I had a Facebook account I'd be flinging shit at your wall like a rabid mandrill with a rectal abcess.


As a side note, #14 is still out there. Find that shit.