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Thursday, June 4, 2009

a friendly reminder

HEY! ALL YOU DOUCHEY POSERS with your bicycle "lifestyle" choices: stop fucking around.

Yes, that's right. You are here, and I am here and that makes it our time. You heard right, stop fucking around on "our time".

What's wrong with a little fucking around on our time, you ask?

Some of us are trying to have some actual, real, non-digital, in-the-world fun. Some gritty, old fashioned, sweaty hide the can/find the can par-tay action. And we use bicycles! Dude on dude, dude on chick, chick on chick, all of the above on bicycles and on the dope.

But here's the thing: posing to have your picture taken so's you can post up on Facebook or some other version of make believe see how adventuresome I am tiredness is not part of the action! Finding a cache and then not hiding one is for losers or triathaletes I guess. All's I know is I want my motherfucking USPS sleeved koozie back. One of us actual velocachers deserves that.

Put up or shut up. If I had a Facebook account I'd be flinging shit at your wall like a rabid mandrill with a rectal abcess.


As a side note, #14 is still out there. Find that shit.


Anonymous said...

This a dick post. Why the hate to a group of people when one's to blame (regardless of bicycle affiliation, be it triathletes, unicyclists, green machiners, etc.)

You propogate hate among fellow cyclist.

Ya, this is a game, we all are trying to have fun on our wheels, and if we play, we got to contribute. But this post fuck'n sucks!

reverend dick said...

Yes it is a dick post. Says right on there: Reverend DICK.

Propagating hate? No, I am propagating righteous motherfucking indignation. And I am also propagating proper diction and correct punctuation.

If you don't like it, lump it. And while you are at it, Anonymous, put something into play or shut the fuck up.

velocacheboise said...

Anyone who goes out and finds one and then does not put something back into play is a moke in my book. The Rev. is speaking TRUTH and I will testify. Anonymous? really? You must be one of the assholes hoarding that fucking Hamms because it has too many carbs and you are waiting to drink it after your girlfriend finally relents and has sex with your Cervelo riding ass. You must be the dickhead who has never seen a Cars r Coffins sticker in real life and you are showing it around to your douchebag roadie friends as street cred. C'mon, get out there pussy.

velocacheboise said...

whoops, sorry about the vitriol, it was probably a little uncalled for.

Here is my real two cents:

Hiding is fun. really. It was so fun here in Les Bois that we had to change the game. When someone could not figure out where a cache was, they would just say, "fuck it, I will go hide ten". Now while that certainly propagates the numbers in play, it also saturated our market and made the caches less valuable.

I implore all who read this to go and check this game out. Stop staring at this post and do it right now! This can be melded quite easily into your regular rides. There is no reason that you have to take a "special ride" to go velocaching. Many folks who play here hide caches on their commutes to work, on their way to the store, or simply in a tree in the front yard.

Go out and hide. Go out and find. The people that are shouldering the responsibility of this venture in your town deserve that.

It does not matter what you ride. It does not matter what you wear.
There is no such thing as a "junk mile". Go have fun. -a. mortican

Inspector Javert said...

word. s.