Velocaches In Play

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm sure he's in a better place now.....R.I.P. #9

Our merry crew was out riding near the bench today, and sad to say that Velocache #9 has presumably been hung high.

When you hang a man, you better look at him

The list of suspects runs the usual gamut; Steinbeck's thirsty ghost, owls (they are thick over there I hear), or the lengthy list of young children who have collected previous caches without laying down any treats. I for one believe that the wily gangsters of Salinas have instituted hill climbs and cache infiltration to their initiation rites.

He died doing what he loved, waiting for someone to bike by and drink him. (makes half-assed sign of the cross motion)


reverend dick said...

Do not flash your generator powered headlight at unlit bikers; they are gangstas waiting to find a victim so they can follow you to your cache and commit their jump-in crime...

Lord Hayden said...

Did you hear about the Velocacher who developed his photos after a trip, and found pictures of some creep sniffing his saddle?

Inspector Javert said...

There was this one velocacher who'd gone to the mall...and when he stopped at the bike shop later, they asked him to come inside because there was a problem with his bill, and he did, and they told him "we did not want to say anything outside, but there is a crazy midget with an axe laying in wait in your trailer and he wants to kill you and he must have been in there since you stopped at the mall!" and they called the cops and the velocacher was so thankful and he had barely survived because the midget would have jumped up and killed him if they had not been so sneaky about "the bill" and prolly woulda killed the guy's whole family if they had not of noticed.

Lord Hayden said...

That story is bullshit. Everyone knows that midgets kill people with kindness.