Velocaches In Play

#4 FOUND! Awaiting pictures...go to and register a complaint!




Monday, July 27, 2009

21?! where are my 21 shots of _______________?

I took a picture with my phone, but it costs me $money to put it on here, and I am unable to part with $money in connection with this bitter fiasco.

Because the non-alcoholic Old Milwaukee was a cruel, cruel joke. I wouldn't have noticed, most likely, except that Old Milwaukee is almost Milwaukee's Beast when it comes to being only a c___ hair above 211 Steel Reserve in "quality". There is a difference, but it is close. They are all "beers" that require the alcohol they contain to justify forcing them down, so the hard heartedness- wow.


I can only hope it was a terrible mix-up and some 1st grader mistakenly received a gag gift of a pint of Old Crow that was the originally intended filler for Old #21. And plus I was sure there was going to be an ass load of fireworks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

21 will light up your life

Here's a new one, just in time for the weekend and any small-town parades and pyrotechnics it may bring. Blankets are reserving spots for the VeloCache discovery, so you'll have an watchful audience as you lurk and loiter about.

I planted this one at 11:45. Did you know that in addition to the three days it is closed entirely the library is only open 12-5 on Fridays? Tragedy. Makes a teacher weep.

And I heard the PGPD is understaffed too, so maybe there won't be too many overtime cops encouraging you to not dig root around.

20 is doneski

Nick has been in, out, and away for a while, so we were quite happy to get an evening ride in together on Wednesday. We climbed to Veteran's Park (huff, puff) and attempted to retrace by memory where our fearless leader had previously led us through yards by moonlight. We didn't find the way, but we did find some occasionally rooty, often steep, and once flanked by a 3-story staircase trails and fire roads behind the Presidio.

I know, you already knew about them and explore them in your sleep, but we didn't, so leave us alone in our discovery.

The last of these roads sent us flying steeply down one of those "damn, even if this is the wrong way, there's no way I'm turning around" hills. We did not end up at the bridge as planned, but rather had to sneak through a gap in the fence to spit out onto 68 a half mile down from it. So we rode up the hill and then climbed up under the bridge and into dripping fog. I didn't know fog dripped, but I guess a San Francisco woman collected 60 gallons one summer in her rain barrel from her roof. Who knew?

So we got the cache. I'm not telling what's in it, but it's in our desk drawer now.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Velocache Monterey now is old enough to think it's an adult, yet remain firmly rooted in self-centered irresponsibility. And be especially bitter that it is not legally able to drink; particularly in light of the fact that illicit recreational use of alcohol has been going on since like the get go.

I do what I want.

Anyhow, excitable #20 is a text only cache, aimed squarely at participants from the Full Buck Moon Ride, or the excessively interested and clever. So but remember that one stop where the stolen department store Schwinn Stingray (new school clone) was? OK. Remember the Velocache found just up the road? There're 3 crumpled Tecate cans there now. In one of them is the treasure.Trust me when I say: "You want this one."

Get it before it gets wet and ruined...


Also, here is a notice:

I dug up and drunk down the 2 Tecate cans buried in the sand from #18 Barely Legal. That spot is still awesome. The beers were cool to the touch. Too bad for you, my friend.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

#14 M.I.A.

Some soulless low level city worker must have removed poor #14 from it's AWESOME perch on the monument. We can only hope it was the source of much hand-wringing and sweaty anxiety before going to it's fate, whatever sad event that was.


Yes. Get off your motherfucking asses and get some damn caches!

Don't let the small minded pinks win...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

n-n-n-n-n-nineteen (#19)

On the Monterey Peninsula today, a velocache spokesman said you chumps need to harden the fuck up and get this cache quick.