Velocaches In Play

#4 FOUND! Awaiting pictures...go to and register a complaint!




Monday, July 20, 2009


Velocache Monterey now is old enough to think it's an adult, yet remain firmly rooted in self-centered irresponsibility. And be especially bitter that it is not legally able to drink; particularly in light of the fact that illicit recreational use of alcohol has been going on since like the get go.

I do what I want.

Anyhow, excitable #20 is a text only cache, aimed squarely at participants from the Full Buck Moon Ride, or the excessively interested and clever. So but remember that one stop where the stolen department store Schwinn Stingray (new school clone) was? OK. Remember the Velocache found just up the road? There're 3 crumpled Tecate cans there now. In one of them is the treasure.Trust me when I say: "You want this one."

Get it before it gets wet and ruined...


Also, here is a notice:

I dug up and drunk down the 2 Tecate cans buried in the sand from #18 Barely Legal. That spot is still awesome. The beers were cool to the touch. Too bad for you, my friend.


Katie Stubbendick said...

We will get it. And we will scatter more treats about the town.

Katie Stubbendick said...


Lord Hayden said...

Still bone dry, still smelled like a surfer's glove compartment. That's some good velocache!