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Friday, July 24, 2009

21 will light up your life

Here's a new one, just in time for the weekend and any small-town parades and pyrotechnics it may bring. Blankets are reserving spots for the VeloCache discovery, so you'll have an watchful audience as you lurk and loiter about.

I planted this one at 11:45. Did you know that in addition to the three days it is closed entirely the library is only open 12-5 on Fridays? Tragedy. Makes a teacher weep.

And I heard the PGPD is understaffed too, so maybe there won't be too many overtime cops encouraging you to not dig root around.


Katie Stubbendick said...

Umm, I'm not Lord Hayden in fact. May I have authorship privileges? I promise to use commas correctly and plant one cache for each one I find.

Inspector Javert said...

Katie, that mast of a seatpost is what makes a teacher weep. What midget built that?

Give us yer email, luv, and we'll eeeeelektronikally send yous an authorship invite.

Katie said...

I know, my body's too short and my legs are too long for most bikes, but 18" frames especially. An unreasonable seatpost is a marker of all my bikes.
katiestubbendick at yahoo

reverend dick said...

Got it.