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Monday, July 27, 2009

21?! where are my 21 shots of _______________?

I took a picture with my phone, but it costs me $money to put it on here, and I am unable to part with $money in connection with this bitter fiasco.

Because the non-alcoholic Old Milwaukee was a cruel, cruel joke. I wouldn't have noticed, most likely, except that Old Milwaukee is almost Milwaukee's Beast when it comes to being only a c___ hair above 211 Steel Reserve in "quality". There is a difference, but it is close. They are all "beers" that require the alcohol they contain to justify forcing them down, so the hard heartedness- wow.


I can only hope it was a terrible mix-up and some 1st grader mistakenly received a gag gift of a pint of Old Crow that was the originally intended filler for Old #21. And plus I was sure there was going to be an ass load of fireworks.


Katie said...

Well, there would've been fireworks had you gotten there on Saturday.
And I had to include something NA in case you'd brought your chit'lins along!
I shall accept no more bitter complaints.
Good riddance!

reverend dick said...

Yes. (I read that as good riddance to the NA OM)

I am interested in how you came to have that to inflict upon me, though. Is this what certain individuals lay around the house and drink?

Guilty as charged. Bitter complainer- who should realize that the simple effort alone of putting a cache together and out there is the real indicator of a kickass player. And that is true.

But I suck.