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Friday, May 29, 2009

The best part of waking up - 17 be claimed

This was my first 7am Velocache experience. It was done well.

My ride to school along the auto parkway (aah! the irony!) tends to be misty and dullish, usually a bit late and a bit groggy. With a swing in my step I mounted my bicycle early enough for a good scavenge.

Sticking to business, I dug under the decorative sculptures before even ordering coffee. A sipping fellow and his lovely dog were confused as to why a customer would dig in the metal toys despite a sign specifically prohibiting it.

When what, to my wondering eyes should appear, but a sticker-filled bottle, cowbell and cheap beer!

And upon closer examination yet, I realized that the coffee bag was not merely decorative but a $10 gift certificate. Thanks, Steve! A half pound of coffee and a ham and cheese croissant make for a phenomenal start to a day.

And this troll was most happy that I shared.

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reverend dick said...

That was a classy stash.