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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cranked up past and present - Velo Cache #17 - Friends and Family Edition

Motor parts dominated in the past (not these motors, but any excuse to get Motorhead and the Young Ones rolling)

but now there are plenty of ways to get your two wheeled engine all cranked up. Of course you'll have to navigate the 4 wheeled graveyard

Not to mention the terminator like guards

and all those stern warning signs

Unlike many of the previous velocache's, number 17 isn't in Deep Cover

actually, the limited access hours might be your biggest barriers (unless senior terminator gets some much needed oiling).

So why is this the friends/family edition? We'll I highly encourage you to open the cache on site and I guarantee there is something inside that you and one or two friends/family members can all enjoy.

Now put the pedal to the metal and get caching...


reverend dick said...

We were just there. But in a car, so it's just as well. Now we have reason to go again.

Anonymous said...

i don't see a bike in those photos...

Little_Jewford said...

oopsy, my bad....I can photoshop one in...