Velocaches In Play

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

#15 Covered and smothered.

I was unable to find the clip I wanted. The one in which Jeff Goldblum tells Larry Fishburne (oops, it's "Lawrence" now) "But I did, so get in the fucking van" in reply to "You shouldn't have done that". Watch the movie if it don't make sense. It is actually quite good.

Anyways, De La Soul are no slouches.

So My partner and I headed over to the West Side for this cache, knowing it was in the badlands of Asilomar. We weren't sure eggzacketley, and by the time we made it over there we fervently (you like that?) hoped it would be close to 17 Mile Drive, as we were dead tired, lacking a nap, and even small climbs were noticeable.

Great Success! We spotted the No Bikes sign (always a welcome sight) and went in to investigate. Check on the bear proof trash can?!? I know thar's pumas round these here parts, but bears?

Yep. Check on the prime Troll habitat.

Check on the (not so) hidden white plastic envelope. Someone had systematically cut out all the nasturtiums and heaped them in a pile under the bridge, but left the package there. It had a small hole in it, but seemed intact:

1 Large fleece jacket
2 cans Hamm's beer
1 jar Wheelsmith Spokeprep
1 classy gas station souvenir shop plaque playfully (yet seriously) encouraging boozer friends not to outstay their welcome

Is that it? Because that's what there was. Which is in no way meant to say it was not enough. Because, in spite of the fact that this whole Velocache scam is just a way for people to unload a bunch of useles crap and some (very) inexpensive canned beers, the plaque alone would have been worth the trip. Thank you very much.

So, the protocol now is that I sit on this for an indefinite time and then go out and find another one? Or what?


Lord Hayden said...

I still can't believe those clowns at Goodwill were willing to let that sign go for mere cents. Glad it has found a good home, I imagine it might come in useful to chase Santa Cruz folks back up the coast on occasion.

Weird that someone pulled out those flowers, but left it (mostly) alone. VC is known to be a heavy crew, maybe they didn't want to draw the heat.

Katie Stubbendick said...

I like those socks.