Velocaches In Play

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

#15 Found! by the Smilin' Hawiian

So, after having lurked on your blogspot for a few months now, I decided to partake in this adventure and seek out one of the treasures. Figured #15 would be a good first go at it. Although having felt sick for the past few days (did I kiss a pig recently?) and having possibly fractured a rib or two over the weekend (a wee tumble on the fat tires), I took a shot of Nyquil after work and venture out into the late afternoon fog to covort with the trolls.

Not far off my normal post-work cycling route, I found the booty under the bridge. Not any trolls to deal with, but plenty of feisty geese and the gooslings (?). The loot was worth the trip, but the SleazeOtter halter top may be just a bit too revealing for my modest personality. Maybe the cutie that found an earlier stash would fill it out better.

Anyways, had to express my encomium to the Sea Horse by sharing the Hamms.
Thanks and praises out to you all for setting this up. Fun stuff, hope to contribute soon.


Inspector Javert said...

Posing in the middle of Del Monte feeding a can of beer to a statue?


velocacheboise said...

I wish we had statues of seahorses in Boise. We only have statues of potatoes. Only they are not statues. They are only potatoes.