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Sunday, May 3, 2009

#15 - Where Trolls dare to tread

#15 asks that age-old question: will it be found by an intoxicated naer-d0-well upon waking up under a bridge....or will it be found by someone who is NOT a Velocache participant?

This is prime troll country, in fact there was a group nearby during placement (artist's rendering after the fact)

Fact: Eating Hamm's will not give you Swine Flu

Seahorse says nice find, sucka!


reverend dick said...

I like SO totally know where that is! The seahorse has been a thorn in my side since this game began (I've wanted very badly to put a cache at it's base, but it is too exposed. boo.) so thank you for including it.
That sweet stash is as good as mine!

Chris said...

Got it. Will forward pics shortly. The Seahorse enjoyed the Hamms!


reverend dick said...

Doh! Too slow.