Velocaches In Play

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

#5 only tattered remnants

I took some lumps for this one.

Like the man do say: "Who's that walking over my bridge?"

So, I am thinking the cardboard sleeping pad under the footbridge should have been a give away, but there is a troll under there.

I found this out when I grabbed the cache and saw it was opened and upright (I guess the troll wanted to allow maximum water access) and minus a beer(s)!

So here is what made it through the night, so to speak. I guess it is nice that the troll left anything, huh?

And, I can now admit that I had previously thought it was at the intersection of Franklin and Artillery (due to not doing my own research but relying on the garbled retelling of a hungover lady), and when looking for it the other day, I climbed Franklin on the fixed wheel bicycle, and that was hot and tuff, only to be denied entry at the gate to the Presidio. So, being "tricky" I attempted to skirt the perimeter towards Veteran's Park, and stay high so I could zip into PG and win.
Well, it made sense at the time.
That sucked and did not pan out, and all I can say positive about it was that I did not contract Poison Oak Poisoning and the Presidio does a fairly good job of keeping their fence line brush free. Fairly.

Anyways- how awesome to finally find a cache!


Lord Hayden said...

Sounds like a thirsty troll got the beer and the super secret surprise liquid. And the mix CD? Bummer, but that's what mother nature made liquor stores and CD burners for, looks like I'll just have to re-hide some things at a new location. They shoot trolls in Pebble Beach, don't they?

At least if anyone asks about the roll of HB tape or the tube and can say you earned the hell of our them.

Little_Jewford said...

Mixed CD? Did you think your Jr. High Prom date was going to find it?

Inspector Javert said...

Was the mystery liquid in a small glass flask with a blue top? Cuz that was empty on the rocks below...

As an aside, I cannot believe how many times I have driven past that celtic crobelisk without noticing it at all! Just goes to show how much more mmmmmmmmmintimately we know a place when we ride in it.

Hot junior high chicks and the homeless love a good trucker mix tape. It's a well known fact in certain circles.

Lord Hayden said...

No foolin, I've biked / driven through that intersection a hundred times but didn't notice that tomb until last week.

Inspector Javert said...

Not a tomb:

The Vizcaino-Serra Landing Site is located below the First Theatre on Lighthouse Ave just before the gateway to the Presidio of Monterey. Marked with a Celtic cross, it is here where Sebastian Vizcanino landed in 1602, claiming this land for Spain and gracing it with the name, Monterey. But it took 168 years before the Spanish returned. On June 3, 1770, Fray Junipero Serra landed on this spot and helped establish the city of Monterey and the province of Alta California.