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Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 be found

A frustrating day with the first graders last week ended well with a sandswept bike path roll. Though I was approaching lateness to somewhere, I thought it would be best to get off my vehicle and root around in some ice plant for a treasure.

It was treasure I found! Then, I realized ruefully that I had left my camera in its sock, in my desk drawer. Thankfully my new friend--cigar-smoking, shirtless, middle-aged Bobby--agreed to let me use his camera phone. After, of course, he had frenetically deleted "just a couple" photos.

When I had taken the picture, I asked if he could send it to me. Instead of typing in a number, as is likely a routine course of action, he instead gave me his number so I could call him for it, once he had gotten a tutorial from his ex-wife. I was assured this would be no problem, as he lives with her.

I'm sure you'll agree this photo was well worth the wait.

And really, as I consider Bobby's number to be a part of the loot, I couldn't help but include it in the prize photo.

May future VeloCachers be as lucky!


reverend dick said...

That's an awesome mini-adventure! And, plus you have a shiny new friend! At least, he sounds shiny.

velocacheboise said...

oh that is perfect. a shirtless bobby is always handy in times of need. 10 points for ingenuity.