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Saturday, April 11, 2009

#8 went doooooooooown

I dragged the offspring out for an afternoon's velocache in lieu of the planned s240 (for you, Lord Hayden, it is a Sub24hourOvernight) due to general 1/2 assedness all around. Whatever! It was some consolation prize!

Heading up and over the hill...

Quality parenting Northwards along the bikepath. Hey! It was that or in the pants.

You can see the OSHA approved tower off to the left. The kids started jockeying for position as soon as it came into view.

Mandatory shot matches. Door #3. There were pigeons.

Mandatory shot. Mixed in the Joselyn's bottle of flat orange soda. This helped my attitude immensely, as the eldest had been bitching up a storm and I was past ready to sell her.

Loot: tall boy of "Troll Poison", Trucker music CD, sweet Mavic cap, useful CHP bicycle safety manual, and pocket shot o'gin. Outstanding.

Southbound and down, loaded up and truckin...


Lord Hayden said...

I am excited to be gaining a reputation at the booze store as "the guy who comes in on Thursdays and buys a tall boy and a plastic pouch of gin"

reverend dick said...

Well, I wonder (now-at the time it didn't matter) if gin isn't enough of a solvent to break down the plastic for easy absorption? Yuck.

That is a reputation you will have earned. "Troll Poison" was a nice touch.

The trucker CD (meth) will be re-cached. The crippled boy spoken word song is too much to bear. I thought it would be awesome when it started out with "6 days on the road"...but at least there was "Convoy". Excellent.

Lord Hayden said...

Red Sovine is King of the Trucker Narrative and the master of unintentional comedy in my book. You must have a heart of stone if you don't care enough to laugh at the poor little crippled boy and his CB.

D____ G___ said...

The "quality parenting" bit was not that you stopped to let your youngest pee in public.

No, the quality parenting was *taking a picture* of your youngest peeing in public.

Christ, you should start a fund just for his future counseling needs.