Velocaches In Play

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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hurry! Before something crawls out of the murky depths and nabs it. That, or some sleazy trysting housewife allows her dumb Irish Setter to run wild while she is running wild, so to speak, and the dog eats it. Or...

The contents of this package will improve your tiny life immeasurably! GO!


a. mortician said...

OK, so far I have not seen ANY hides done in the Monterey that I am familiar with. I have exactly two reference points for your town. 1. Kirk and Spock hanging out at some aquarium in Star Trek 3. 2. "Cannery Row" (whatever that is). Will you please hide something at either one of these spots so I know your are not really playing the game in Tulsa?

Inspector Javert said...

We will accommodate you.

You know, we go raft the Salmon every summer or so, and I saw a bumper sticker that said "welcome to Idaho, now go home." So what the hell is that? huh? huh? Just because we are driving up real estate prices (well, maybe not anymore) and stealing your women with our indoor tans and flashy ways y'all gotta hate us?

Ok, at least you gave us Velocache.

a. mortician said...

You will have NONE of that state-ism in my presence Inspector. You will always have a pillow to lay your head on here in Les Bois. Now, as far as river rafting is concerned I do hope you know about pedal and paddle..

Inspector Javert said...

OMFG, you area FUN GENIUS!!!!!!

I must move to Boise and study with you to learn the ways of thinking up awesome things to do with bikes and fun stuff.

All's I can say is: Punk Rock is creating your own scene, and you are Punk as Fuck. I will now set about twice as hard to foster a sense of fun in the stick in the mud racerguy scene we currently have masquerading as a bike scene hereabouts.

Thank you, and what are this year's dates?

a. mortician said...

dates are no set as of yet. I think we might shoot for earlier this year, July-ish.