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Saturday, September 17, 2011

#42 Swampside Cache

I am new here to velocache Monterey. I was recently introduced to velocache by assisting in a co-worker’s quest for treasure, and I decided it was my turn to put one out, so here it is.

I won’t give it away but included is the most noble of drinks and the fruits of a stony hour on the couch with a ball of hemp twine.
Here is how she is located. You all know what this is...follow it to the seahorse, or there abouts.
Take the scenic route.

It will lead you to this beautiful hardware store swampland.

On a side note I love that the road has a turn-out for tourists to pull over and marvel in the smell of our local wetland ecosystem. Does anyone else think of Blinky the radioactive three eyed fish on the Simpsons? When the cache was delivered, there was only one car; a geo prism with a young gent in the driver’s seat enjoying what I’m sure must have been an absolutely amazing tweak.

Find the wood sign proclaiming the name of this “lake” once referred to by the previously mentioned co-worker as “the anus of seaside”.

If you’re standing at the sign the treasure is within mere feet of you…so close your balls may actually tingle (or ovaries in the case of the lady-cachers), but to enjoy the goods you need to think green and start climbing.

“There’s nothing like that first taste of beer” – John Steinbeck, Cannery Row