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Thursday, September 22, 2011

#43 Foggy Midnight Poison Oak

So I recognized the general local of this one as soon as I saw it so I headed out for it as soon as I could. Unfortunately as usual I was overly confident thinking I knew exactly where it was, however at 1am every tree stump between Monterey and Carmel looks identical in the fog.

I was up all night studying and went out for this one super late when I was done, and as soon as I got on the back roads the fog packed in so densely I had a hard time finding the road let alone the correct stump, but I was determined. After digging behind about a dozen rotting stumps down aquajito, I finally found it, but not before digging through poison oak like an old lady digs through her duffle bag sized purse. Tomorrow when this starts itching I’ll regret going for it in the dark, but the booty was well worth it.

As promised interbike goodies: Yeti beer koozy, a bianchi-esque celeste-colored Shimano trucker hat guaranteed to instantly lower your IQ, some rocking new socks and handful of industry stickers. Also included was a bottle of life saving tonic and an absolutely awesome used pair of Joselyn’s team bib shorts, rad! The best part of this cache was the rain-proofing courtesy of old paper-towel packaging, a classy touch indeed. Great score, great ride, well worth it! Sorry bout the photos, between the dense fog and the piece of junk cell phone camera in the dark, the photos I snapped out there were useless, so I took the pics of the goods at home after a quick de-oaking shower.


reverend dick said...

Couldn't ask for better. If you are confused and covered in're playing with passion.

Lord Hayden said...

"Tomorrow when this starts itching I’ll regret going for it in the dark, but the booty was well worth it."

Quoted out-of-context for posterity and so I remember this as my personal mantra.