Velocaches In Play

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

#41 Josshole Junction

DO NOT read the rest of this post until you hear about CC's Strokin' Stick

I sure took my sweet time picking up this cache.  I like to savor the hunt? Can't be that I don't go out of my way to talk to strangers or feel weird about being in bike shops where I used to be one of the shifty derelicts and now I'm just Joe Schmoe.

"Can I have that velocache?"
"Oh....I don't know how the game works.  Do I just give it to you?"
"Yep, pretty much"

I neglected to take any pictures because I'm good like that, but imagine a bike parked in front of a bike store.  It's not that hard.

But I do have pictures of loot:

Belgium's finest cheapest beer, Timbuk2 CoozE, stickers and suntan lotion, a brand-new patched tube, 2 inches of rim tape, and a SWEET jersey of a style that I can't really explain.  Also some proctologist's gloves and a napkin/utensil package, which I assume are to be used in tandem.

Feast your eyes on this hunk of man to make up for the lack of bike pictures:


reverend dick said...

Feh. Anyone coulda DROVE over there and said "Can I have that velocache."

LOL at the 2" rim strip, I forgot about that.

reverend dick said...

Ans, plus, I'm glad you left your comfort cocoon.