Velocaches In Play

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Monday, August 29, 2011

rounding the corner into cougardom...#41 THIS IS NOT TRASH!

Slow roll it.

Not only do you hafta...move it to the Left, you gotta move it to the Right. You gotta move it allll night. Lissen:

This is NOT trash! It's velocache. Offer not available to employees.

If these types of characters seem familiar, you know where you can go.

This place! Head inside and ask around. Maybe pick up a patch-kit or a custom titanium off-road touring bike. You owe it to yourself.

These 2 lovely matching! Centurions are For Sale. Perfect for him and him. They are cheap and easy, but they look realllllll sophisticated.

Stroke it with the motion.


reverend dick said...

Clarence Carter! Clarence Carter! Clarence Carter! Clarence Carter!

ohhhhh shi_.Clarence Carter!

...if my stuff ain't tight enough you can stick it up my

Lord Hayden said...

Step 1: Listen to CC's "Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite No Mo (Cause Grandma Won't Give Him No Tail") for 1 month straight w/o leaving home

Step 2: Get Velocache #41
Step 3: Prosper

I'm so close to step 2 I can taste it

reverend dick said...

You are 1/2 stepping, and there ain't none of that.

Lord Hayden said...