Velocaches In Play

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

38 .... Redux

Well the skies weren't quite as dramatic as I set out for my first real ride since traveling for over five weeks.....but I've accepted my mission....there was no river boat, no air cav, but I could feel it in the air as I rolled out of the garage....the horror.....the horror.
Ok.....a little dramatic....but as innocuous as a ride across the ord may see as certain trail that has lay number lay between me and the cache....The goat trail.....don't know what it is....maybe the monkeys migrated over from 82 but I have a tenancy to overcook it on that trail (click the bike shot, if you look closely you can see the bent saddle) was no different. But the cache was just around the corner along with first aid beer (a little for my knee, the rest for my ego) and a pretty sweet cache....a bay bike bottle, a little htc schwag, a "bring it on" little zip pouch and some styling socks.....nice and warm for August in all made the ride home on a pretty slopin saddle worth it.