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Monday, January 16, 2012

#51 - Spanish for Tick

Go Here

 Watch out fer authorized persons (aka creeps)

Sidle on down that trail to the right of the gate.  Don't worry, poison oak won't kill you it will just make you itch. Listen to this if you need to be a bigger man about it:

View from above

With the tide lapping at your heels.  Go towards the boulder pile to the left of the wet wall

Up on the boulder pile, you will see this to your right....

...and this to your left

Once you quit looking around like a jerk, look down at your feet:

 The goods contained within are provided for the prime purpose of "GOING OUT AND HAVING A GOOD TIME" so turn that bike around and get to one on Monterey's finer establishments, post-haste.


Lord Hayden said...

get this before it gets wet!
I always do?

reverend dick said...

2 late!

ahem! I pack mine so's it holds up to the elements. I learned this from an unfortunate incident involving the "3 Sisters" trail and some spilt milk.

Lord Hayden said...

well it is under a rock, those are pretty impermeable

the only thing "unfortunate" about that "incident" is that it exploded before you got there

reverend dick said...

whoa, hey!

Hayden don't take no mess!
Hayden don't,
Hayden don't,
Hayden don't,

Hayden don't take no mess!

Inspector Javert said...

Papa found a water-filled, mudded-up bag.