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Monday, January 23, 2012

#51 don't moan so much, don't moan SO MUCH!

All right.

Fellas? Can I get up and do my thing?

Now I want everybody to get on the 1. Get up and get down.

Hop onto the singletrack at the point which would appeal to Lon Chaney Jr. Ride it. Feel them 23s drift. Come on ride it!

Ease on down the Big Sur coastline until you reach the most parasitic trailhead in the county. The signage on the Best Side makes no mention of bikes. That means "GO!"

You can ride singletrack over the Pacific...

wrap that point back to the 1, continue South.

Act like you know.

OMG, the poison oak was over powering...a trail only a Midwesterner could love. Wear shorts.

Wow. This place was oceany. The seals were eyeballing me. I did not linger.

Wet. Mucky. I expected crabs to creep out.

And after I saw the goods, I really expected crabs to creep out.

Brothers and Sisters, this spot was a fine place to have a beer. Nicely done. Super sweet jaunt down the coast, which I never do and should- so it was great. Add in the singletrack sides? Hello fun!


Lord Hayden said...

I really do miss that commute. But then again there are no RVs on the bike path.

Welcome to the BOD club! It's a pretty exciting place to be I must admit.

Little_Jewford said...

I'm hoping the inspector went for "Really Ripped Abs" first...

Anonymous said...

funny thing is that i think i took a sip off that bushmills and drank one of those rolling rocks today at the fort. it was a good day.