Velocaches In Play

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


THAT's how it feels.  Especially when my first glance at the post made me think we would have to CLIMB BITCHES but then I realized it was not at the grand entrance to J___s but at the lazy bottom.

Have I been on this trail? Probably. If I was, was it under cover of beers and pitch black and no headlight? Definitely.

The clearing was easily found, as was the treasure.

Stick that in your Meta- pipe

Remember when "radicool" was a thing?  This hat sure does.

All of the best art in Carmel can be found in the woods

This was truly a treasure trove of goodies, a cornucopia for the belly and mind.  I think the hat would go well to be paired with the coons worn Flavor Flav style around the neck, no?

As for the Coe map.....the stars must have aligned because we rode Coe shortly after this cache was placed but before we found it.  All I can say is the Grizzly Gulch trail is the bee's knees and makes all of the climbing worth it, and I get real excitable about trails that mix downhill, creek crossings, oak vistas, and swoopity canopy riding together.  Can I be greedy and say I wish that trail was 20 miles long or should I just shut up and appreciate it?  Either way I have no excuse for taking 2 years to go back there after my first visit.

A fine velocaching it was, first bike ride in 2 weeks after the home for holiday routine.  Always nice to be in the pines as dusk falls on a clear January day.


reverend dick said...

I'm discomfited by the mirrors within mirrors aspect of all this techy phone picture tracker gizmology.


We should totally ride Coe.

Lord Hayden said...

I am pro-Coe bro. Definitely planning on hitting it up again this winter