Velocaches In Play

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#36. Latest edition

I know you said you wanted a velocache that you could be in the woods to find. Like at the (used to be) Stairs an ish...

And to you false-balling niggas jus grab yo crotches. But if you paid, nigga, pat yo pockets.

1st, get thee to thee oaken singletrack. Soak it up. It's still good.

That way lies Freedom.

If you see this, you're Right.

Grab a seat on the New Stairs!

Remember when this was the type of view from the (used to be) Stairs?

Well now it is what it is at the New Stairs. Looking at this tree, reach around to your left, push the sawed off plank aside, grab a warmish Hamm's, and let this view do it's do on you until the location of the traysure reveals itself....

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