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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hey look, I actually followed instructions for once and took a match picture!

The traysure was quite aways up a tree, and while I could have shimmied up the tree like one of these guys:

I took the lazy way out and used a tool (2x6 launched through the air) like one of these guys:

After gathering the treasure, I found a bored lizard who took a shine to my Friday afternoon hassling.

After such exhausting hunting, I had to take a little time to enjoy the bench. Sunny, tucked away from the cold afternoon wind, big live oak branches parallel to the ground, birds singing. Sure beat the majority of my Friday riding the computer chair. After that there was an ill-fated alternate route that took me not to the tower but to a dying trail choked with poison oak and thistle. Now I know, go straight to the steep double-track, don't be tempted by the smooth singletrack to the left.

Found this guy on Normandy Rd., parked in the bike lane. He was too lazy (illin?) to move much, but I put him back in the bushes lest he get squashed by an overzealous roadie with leaners screaming down the hill.

This is amongst my favorite treasures, mostly because of the look on shady guy's face. He is clearly getting into the game, and all of the squares are none the wiser.

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reverend dick said...


Exactly. My 1st though on seeing those was "What a DOUCHE.", followed closely by "This'll be perfect for Velocache."

That guy is challenging you to step up or step off, foo.