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Saturday, April 9, 2011

35 found. With so much drama in the MBC...

it's kinna hard bein' velo cacheing, see:

Gs up Ho's down.

Laid back. With the mini golf course on my mind, due to the labeling of this hidden cache, I very nearly rode on by on my way to the coastal dereliction near there. But as I rode by, I decided to check. What the heck? (I don't get the "dwarf on golf" which doesn't refer to the mini golf joint. Red herring?)

Sure enough.

I had my headlight on my helmet by default. Good thing, because there was NO WAY I was reaching into some mystery crevice in this location without seeing what was waiting there...

Evidence of highbrow affairs...

"They Made Me"...I'm sure that they did. This is a world apart, of which I freely admit I had no knowledge. And I will go back to not thinking of this place after this post.

Fargo today. I needed the gears on account of my busted ribs.

Sexy High Life tallboy, 2 sweet tallboy coozies, classy copper bottomed camp cookware (including the clamped together and not-well-cleaned utensil set plus...count 'em...2(!) red(!) plastic camp cups.) all lovingly packaged with "Go to HeLL!!!" written thereon.

Makes me feel kind warm and dark and furry.

Like an asshole?

YO! any velocache is a Good velocache, so I win.

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