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Friday, October 1, 2010

Velocache #29 a.k.a "might as well stop in for a drink or four"

You know the story. Supposedly Robert Louis Stevenson was trying to hook up with some broad in the 1870s, stalked her here, and soaked up enough local culture to inspire Treasure Island, etc.

Rich white folks have to get they exorbitantly expensive private school namesakes someplace.

Anyhow, right next door slumps an exorbitantly degenerate cantina. It is a shame to think that it would not have been around to inspire our author, reeking as it does (and would have) of musty spirits and skulduggery, so let's just pretend that it was around then, and acknowledge that piratical adventures owe it a hearty yo ho. Dirty Dan will almost assuredly be in there. Just look for the bespectacled white bearded gent mumbling and swaying. Allow him to buy you a drink. (Perhaps follow you to your next watering hole, assuming you make the mistake of telling him where you're headed.)

While you're in there, a trip to the men's room and a gander out the window might reveal...the traysure. You know, if you crook your neck just right.

Get it before some wino; it's a good one.

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