Velocaches In Play

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

VeloCache #29 - Pleasure Island

I headed near the Stevenson House, and was lured by this classic on the juke box emanating from the cantina:

The cache, hiding in the tree outside the bathroom.

The loot: Hamms w/ coozy, Chuck Palahchinckxyz novel, Suarez musette, tingler ring (?), wowwy pop, and the newspaper that's been doing editorial satire since the Onion was a glimmer in its granpappy's eye, the mighty Carmel Pine Cone.

Now this is new to me....someone smoking outside of Alfredo's. Who knew?


reverend dick said...

The MIGHTY Pine Cone!

reverend dick said...

There should have been a tiTANIUM bottle opener engraved "one fucking speed" in there, as well.

Little_Jewford said...

well I'm a fucktard....I should have check up online before I stopped by today. Of course I hit it right at 9...jump the fence....wander around not finding anything (duh) when I'm surprised by a ranger coming out the side door of the building....he noticed my bike leaning against the fence but not the fuzzy headed guy in bike gear standing in the tree's. We'll at least I dont have to report that that this cache was MIA.

Lord Hayden said...

TITanium bottle opener has been located, in the sea of plastic bags that lives in my messenger bag. Will test functionality appropriately.