Velocaches In Play

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dirty (Found) #30

(in homage to a wonderful publication)

Went up the wrong hill, but only part of the way up. Finally made it over here. The package smelled like a damp hobo, so as per usual I brought it home.

The musty stash did not disappoint! 2 of the more artistic pieces to land in a velocache thus far. for all of your zany cruiser needs

We spent a good 2 minutes trying to decide if this was one of those upside-down / right-side-up
illusions. Verdict still out


Lord Hayden said...

Oh, and I zoomed past my grad school advisor walking up Aquajito...he would have been proud to know what I was up to

reverend dick said...

Oh? Is he camped somewheres around there?

Lord Hayden said...

I heard he moved here from Madison so his partner could go to school. Perhaps his partner is "Sailor Jerry" and is available at Casa Bodega?