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Saturday, September 18, 2010

#28 - Comanche's Revenge

Oh, you said Comanche, not Apache? My bad.

Ok this one gets a mere D for difficulty, but it was only a matter of time.

I headed out to everyone's favorite horse grave, in honor of our friends who are trying to pave over oak habitat in former Fort Ord so they can do what they do.

I definitely want a little toy version of me in a box above my grave

Future mule grave? Midget Gallows? Impossible to know.

Here's looking back from a nice game trail w/ view of the gallows and the dead horse.

Maybe if you go up that game trail you'll find something under the base of this tree? You can thank me for the shirt later.


reverend dick said...

Well, I looked and I looked. No cache.

I wasn't connected to the ehternet out there, and every oak looks the same in memory, but...

No cache. Did someone pick this up and not post? If cache, and NO CLASS.

Lord Hayden said...

Well that's a bummer. If you see someone riding around with a wind-up musical stein with a horse on it, a flask of Wild Turkey, and a tasteless CO2 cartridge shirt that says something about pumping you up harder than Viagra, put a lock around him/her and call the VC police

reverend dick said...

Duh huh, duh huh. I found it. It were much further up that trail than I thought...