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Friday, September 10, 2010

#27 - David Cronenberg's Rash

This is some good singletrack, a little sandy for cross tyres but hey that's the Ord. I had only once sniffed "Freedom", otherwise I would have had no clue.

The missus and I rode out from her establishment of teachery, and wandered on that path to the right of normal until we found it.

Somewhere, some WWII vet who trained at Ft. Ord just perked up

Hang 'em high......about 6' in bike shoes

Super ass 80's colorway cycling coat, can O Hamms, Hello Kitty pom-pom bar end, sneaky patch kit, spare tube, 1/8 fl. oz. of Tabasco sauce, and lovely mug.

They look like they're up to something.... a country ride to watch a dog devour a rabbit???????????

1 comment:

reverend dick said...

The fact that you can even apply the hipster term "colorway" speaks volumes about this whole cache.

That jacket is (once again) the height of fashion. Wear it quick before it's "not cool". Again.