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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

#26 tears in my beers, or crying the blues over...

Break in the rain...time to ride a bicycle for the purpose of (riding a bicycle) hiding packages in the woods.

You know I loves the trees but with even Fort Ord looking like that above, ridgeline riding is the best you can hope for right now off the pave. Swamp.

This is the Goods:

It is weatherproofed. That is important. You'll be glad.

Looking Easterly:

The stairs appear to be on the short list. Go there, enjoy it for one of the last times before it is gone for ill...because there are auto tracks leading from there to the newly destroyed-er, uh, gladed section by the lay down slides.

But you know what I think? Those bolts look like 18mm or so, and who's got a crowbar? We can save this...


Aaaaaaand just in case any of y'all are on the fence about who causes the most trail damage:

bikes or horses...

I'm going out on a limb and say "anyone who rides when the trails are sensitive will end up hurting their feelings, but horses weigh 1,200lbs."

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Lord Hayden said...

This got got by an a.m. Hamms Hunter. Pictures to come.