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Friday, March 12, 2010

#26 - early bird gets the hoodoo

For some reason I woke up early on Wednesday, so I decided I'd get off of my humps and collect a woodlands treasure.

Off to the stairs, some tracks and grading but no meddling enforcement / land movers in sight.

If you look really hard you can see my bike in between the ca che and the thicket of poison oak I crawled through to get it

This prize pack was plump full of goodness. But there's something you don't see here because they immediately jumped on my face....

After a Hamms I had to get back to town, but not before I read a chapter from John Sandford's "Hidden Prey":

"There's one more thing," Wolfe said. "Uh, I keep a gun up there to clean up beaver and porcupines, and I think Carl knows where it is."
"He does," the younger Wolfe said. "We sorta let it out."
"What is it?" Lucas asked. "What kind of gun?"
"A Savage .223 bolt-action with a two-to-eight-power scope on it. Not a great scope, but the gun shoots really good. Inside a minute, anyway," the kid said.
"And there's ammo?"
Wolfe nodded. "A couple of boxes. Fast-expansion stuff to blow up the critters. You go back there, if you think he's dangerous....You best take care."

And so ends another velocache. And since I have collected the last two and not planted a one, I better get after it before some rustler throws down on me on the bike path.

1 comment:

reverend dick said...

I just now noticed that pillow has a shirt...and fingers?!? What creepy business is going on there?

That better be in the next velocache. The pillow or the broad.