Velocaches In Play

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#39 Ram it in your climb hole

Don't fool yourself. This one is going straight up your pedal chute. Like a ship without an anchor. Like a snake without a chain. Like a feather haired teen in too-tight cut-offs atop a rickety pair of scuffed white roller-skates.

True Sleaze Otter aficionados will riggity-recognize the power pedestal behind which rests a box filled with sweet sweet Velocache. Many of you have piled bottles of Michelob Ultra atop this Monument.

And since you're already up there, you may as well continue on and get #38; on which I checked and still in situ is which.

That's science talk for get off your arse. You are an early morning lover and you must be movin' on.

1 comment:

Lord Hayden said...

I'm still a little over-hydrated from those Michelob Ultras 2 years ago...don't think I could possibly have another