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Monday, July 4, 2011

#39 Found

Smoke this skinwagon!

VC #39, right behind the pricklers where the memorable (?) Michelob Ultra was consumed during that memorable (?) Sleaze Otter

We didn't linger long, as a broken-down car and inhabitants were hanging out there. Back down Aguajito to the home ranch for some tearing into o' the box.

Please oh please let this be inside

No signed Burt Ward pictures, but a bounty worth of a thirsty king. Hammses, Italian flag crochet gloves for style, flair, and a bikeable stoner proclamation.

But wait....there's more!
Having solved the world's problems, I'm glad we are finally living in an age when your hydration pack can provide a misting cool.

1 comment:

reverend dick said...

Fill it with whiskey, and have a relaxing shower whilst on the rivet.

Don't get it in your eyes though.