Velocaches In Play

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Who knows how long that sign fragment is gonna stay in place with the wind coming through there...

Again, to promote interest in this fledgling venture, here is a preview of the prize at hand:

47cm center to center Salsa Bell Lap bars, 2 fine domestic beers, 2 fine domestic postcards, 1 questionable domestic CD, 1 fine domestic cycling cap, and (of course and as per requiem) 1 bottle opener. All of this is up for grabs to the winner. You wanna be a winner, don't you?

Also again, an obvious spot...

Ready? Get some.


David said...

Nice Cache I think I want to play in Monterey

Lord Hayden said...

I have cracked the case and am in possession of bars, beers, hat, CD, and paper products. Didn't read the picture taking procedure beforehand, but anyone who doubts that I biked there is welcome to smell my pants.

See the details at

-Inspecther Privates