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Monday, November 29, 2010

#32 table for 2, name of party? "Sucka"

Time to get your climb on. There are many ways to get up here, all Good. There are many ways to leave from here, but only one way to get down.

Have you seen that vigilante man?

I hear he makes a mean breakfast. All's I can say is: you're gonna want to set a while, but this spot is more suited to the end of the day than the beginning. Maybe bring the stove and some eggses, cook up a little dinner and watch the sun go down.

Sorry the box is crumpled. I had to do that to get it to fit in my musette.

So. All my fancy Brooks saddlebags are breaking. For reals, 2 out of 3. The bag supports on the Brooks saddles are square edged/thin enough to eat up the straps. I find this very disappointing. You'd figure the limey bastards would make their designed-to-be-paired-products compatible. Nope, not if you carry so much as a tube, a patchkit, a mini-tool.

But today I outsmarted them.

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