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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

23 skidoo

I know.

Like you wouldn't have. Please.

So 23 was a thorn in my side. 1st it was confusing, then it was all just a big misunderstanding. Today was my 3rd attempt at cracking this nut. Thank Goodness it was successful or I'd be nuts

Altar at the top of 49...

and photographic PROOF that #24 ne #19 is out there.

An awesome cache of super moldy goods. One of the Bud tallboys had burst and doused the package, aside from the torrential downpour's effects. You really cannot appreciate the growth from a picture.

I rode back down the "sister" to drink the remaining tallboy. After I warshed the top off with my water bottle.
Really just an all around win.


Lord Hayden said...

Maybe if you would have found it earlier it wouldn't have been moldy.


reverend dick said...

I'm going to say: You are incorrect.

I say that because a) the cache was NOT along 3 Sisters Road, even if I had gone looking, and b)it was packaged in a plastic bag, and 3) when did the tallboy burst?

Truth be told, the mold did not diminish the value of the treasure.

Lord Hayden said...

That does raise an interesting question....can mold reduce the value of something without value?