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Monday, September 28, 2009

23 Enigma

Many a fatbody has huffed and puffed their way past this here spot, but ever stopped for a spell? It's kinda nice, in fact I'd say that on a scale of:

it's definitely between a solid:
and maybe even sniffing at this:

so that's what that one last kicker looks like from afar. words to the daring dipsomaniac: liquids contained within will be HOTHOTHOT unless retrieved at dawn or after sundown...but you already knew that.

bird (?) shit has conveniently marked the spot

blurry cause it was getting real dark

In fact by the time I got within distance of civilization it was full-on darkness; perfect time for me to try to take a "shortcut" and end up on some unknown trails

ah but how high the moon. what's that you say? you'd fancy a light our trails for us when you're all big and shiny on Sunday night? can do, good sir.


reverend dick said...


Could be several places.

Lord Hayden said...

Here's a hint:

it's only in one place

Lord Hayden said...

The first 4 pictures make this a pretty obvious clue....come get some!

Canned beer and roadhouse memorabilia don get ruined in a little rain, after all.

reverend dick said...

Well I got completely shitfaced last night riding around out there, and could not find this.

More pictures, pleas.

And we rode down the corkscrew. Next full moon we HAVE to ride the track...

reverend dick said...


I did not get this until now, because I've always called them the 3 Bitches, not the Sisters.

I'll look again.

reverend dick said...

I looked again and FUCK ME if the rain didn't warsh the bird shit away. Also, I cannot find a spot that matches the picture with the bike in it.

Is it still there? I rode the damned 3 Sisters road 3 times. No lie.

Lord Hayden said...

Huh...I may need to recon this weekend to check it out, big rainstorm and all.