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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#22 - "Blew the whole damn thing apart"

La Mirada. I just happened by this place for the first time on Saturday, and I said to myself, "aha!"

A little Monterey-style history about La Mirada:
-blah blah blah Steinbeck blah blah blah Hendrix burning his guitar blah blah blah Jazz Festival blah blah blah Rich people swinging their rods at little white balls blah blah blah

Pretty damn arty for a camera phone

Totally accidental arty seat tube / redwood trunk alignment

Believe me, there is nothing I like more than a non-challenge

The loot: sweet tartan flask, some Hamms'er gels, Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance hat (local dog, pony, old car and trophy wife show), and a companion piece to my Super-Large SRAM vest, in a slimming blue and orange.

Stay off the tip

You just know I had to get arty with it. This piece represents Philosophy...Man's search for faith...that kinda shit.

Then again, we all know when the real art show is coming to town....

Good to get back in the game, I know we've been slipping on the old hide-the-can. Tomorrow's trip to Minneapolis will no doubt reap some VERY fine treats to plant upon my return. Setting the bar high, hoping for a sweatshirt of a Loon howling at the moon.

1 comment:

reverend dick said...

As long as a 55ish short-haired Prius OR Harley driving lady who is into Native American Culture and Values would wear is all good.

Say, for example, anything with a dream catcher on it.

Have fun with your whitebread friends.